If your website is not responsive, then all other things being equal, your competitors will outrank you in the search engines if their site is.


I just re-read this page and realised, it wasn’t quite conveying the intended message. So here it is in black and white.  Having a responsive website is essential if you care about being found online.

This is because, for people using a device like a smartphone (which is the majority users these days), the search engines will give preference to responsive websites in the search results. Ok, you get that you need one, but what exactly is a responsive website?

A responsive website will respond differently depending on the device that is used to view it.  The most obvious difference being, the size of the screen.

You may have experienced visiting a website on a device with a small screen, such as a phone or tablet, and having to zoom in to read the text.  This is an example of a situation where the website has not been properly optimized for the device you were using.

Sure, you can zoom in and out to read the text but that’s a hassle and you shouldn’t need to do it.

Google and other search engines gave plenty of warning that sites that were easier to view on smaller screens would be given preference in the search engine results pages.  That means, if your website is not responsive, you are losing exposure, and ultimately losing customers.

At the end of the day, the goal of the search engines is to provide their users with an optimal experience – and that means not only showing the most relevant content to the search terms, but also showing sites with relevant content that are easy to read on the device in hand.

Want to check what Google thinks of your website?  Just go here

Of course, all websites created by ClickSure are fully responsive.    If your website it not responsive, you need to act now (if you care about search engine placement and attracting customers online).

ClickSure is a Cardiff based online marketing and optimization company specializing in helping service-based businesses enjoy a more prominent and profitable web presence.  We’d be delighted to quote you for having your website brought up to date, and into a fully responsive state.  If you would like to get an idea of services and prices, click here.